Fair Cape Dairies is a forward-thinking business with an ethical commitment to business principles and new technology.


Fair Cape Dairies and Woolworths formed a business relationship that grew into a strategic partnership which resulted in a dedicated facility, The Dairy Connection, being purposely built to supply Woolworths exclusively with their dairy range on a national basis. Currently, Fair Cape Dairies supplies 70% of Woolworths yoghurts nation-wide.

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To cope with increased demand, a new production facility which includes modern housing facilities to protect the herd against extreme weather conditions, was built on Welgegund. Thereafter, milk would be processed on Kuyperskraal, with some being sent to the Killarney Gardens factory for further value-added dairy products, such as yoghurts, desserts, custards, flavoured milk and other products. In 2005, Fair Cape Dairies introduced its first eco-friendly farming practices and launched the EcoFresh milk brand.

We subsequently launched a school tour programme, had our carbon footprint assessed, and further diversified our product range with the inclusion of EcoFresh Long-life milk, which is produced at our recently acquired long-life milk processing facility in Malmesbury.

Passion and ethics drive us to achieve the highest standards possible. The competitive advantage of Fair Cape Dairies stems largely from its operational excellence, technological innovations and continual research and development within the dairy industry.

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