In 1997, Fair Cape Holdings acquired Fruitique, a supplier of fruit preparations to local and international dairies. Fruitique has contributed to the success of Fair Cape Dairies as a premier dairy producer in South Africa. Our aim is to be a market leader in supplying internationally accepted fruit pulp and related products through continued association with international fruit preparation specialists.

Fruitique, through its Total Dairy Solution (TDS) has the expertise to turn a dairy operation into a World-Class facility by advising on all aspects of dairy production, including farming, feed production, bovine nutrition, product development, dairy ingredients, dairy production and manufacturing, quality assurance, strategic procurement, cold chain logistics, FMCG strategic marketing, sales and merchandising.

Fruitique supplies Fair Cape Dairies with fruit pulp and syrups for yoghurt and related products, is an accredited supplier of preservative-free fruit preparations for Woolworths products, received HACCP accreditation annually since 2007. Fruitique’s quality assurance team lead by Brandon Miller ensures that stringent selection criteria, association with international suppliers, World-Class quality standards, audits and uncompromising inspection processes, guarantee that our superlative quality products differentiate us from our competitors.

New Product Development and Continuous Improvement is an ongoing goal for us, moving Fruitique steadily and unequivocally towards a World-Class operation complemented by a culture of employee participation from management down to shop floor level.

Fruitique’s stated goal is to ensure sustained operational excellence and customer focus.

Fruitique Director
Brandon Miller

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