Tuesday 13 June, Fair Cape Dairies surprised all the little kids at Durbieland on a rainy, winter’s morning. We were welcomed by all the lovely staff at Durbieland & were taken on an exciting tour around the nursery school.


They have created a beautiful, creative & interactive environment for kids to learn & play. They definitely live up to their motto, “home away from home”. Parents can always be rest assured that their little ones are being taken care of by the friendliest & most amazing teachers.


The school offers:
– An excellent care environment for ages 3 months – 4 years.
– Dual Medium Language classes.
– Holistic Approach to child development.
– Full-time Chef, Healthy Menu & full equipped Kitchen.
– Extra-mural activities.


On our tour, we ventured to the ‘Fantasy Room’ where kids are able to play with all the wonderful toys. The main focus for the room is to encourage kids to use their wonderful gift of imagination, as there is no TV or any other technology in this playroom. This playhouse is filled exciting toys; shopping carts, home-ware, tables & chairs & much much more.


The school has also made these incredible sensory boards, filled with exciting objects for kids to engage with to engage all their sensors.


Sensory Board Durbieland


Sensory Board Durbieland 2


Fantasy Room Durbieland


Their educational area is located next to the Fantasy Room and each month they kit out this area with all kinds of interesting information about certain topics. Last month the topic was focused around cows & dairy. Durbieland called us to come share more about cows & dairy with the kids. It was such a fun-filled day & all the kids loved their yogurt from our Kiddies Yoghurt Range 


It was an absolute delight to entertain the kids at Durbieland & educate their young minds about the dairy. They absolutely loved Daisy Cow & were enthusiastic to engage with her & ask her loads of questions about cows and dairy.

Durbieland Kids eating yogurt


Durbieland Kids playing Daisy

We look forward to visiting the lovely Durbieland Nursery School in 2018

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