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This year Fair Cape received a total of 11 First place awards, 11 second place awards, 6 third place awards and 2 Qualite awards


Our amazing Woolworths Chocolate Mousse and our delicious Lunchbox Strawberry / Peach and Apricot / Mixed Berry yoghurt both won Qualité awards!


The following products received 1st place awards


Fair Cape branded

  1. Vanilla custard
  2. UHT full cream milk
  3. Low fat plain yoghurt


Woolworths branded

  1. Fresh full cream milk
  2. Low Fat Fruited Guava Yoghurt
  3. Low Fat Salted Caramel with Choc Honeycomb Corner Pot
  4. Full Cream Plain Yoghurt
  5. Full Cream Raspberry Yoghurt
  6. Full Cream Smooth Blueberry Flavoured Yoghurt


Who knew that Doing the Right Thing could be so delicious!

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