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We received a total of 12 First-place awards, 6 second-place awards, 6 third-place awards and 1 QUALITE award for our FAIR CAPE DAIRIES FULL CREAM VANILLA FLAVOURED YOGHURT WITH CHOC CHIPS.

Thank you to all our loyal customers that have made this possible for Fair Cape Dairies.  These awards show us that the hard work we put in throughout to deliver you with the best quality dairy in South Africa is recognized by the industry and that Fair Cape Dairies is seen as a leader in the dairy industry.


Choc Chip Yoghurt Qualite Award

1st Prizes

  1. Full Cream Milk – Fair Cape Dairies
  2. Fat-free Plain yoghurt – Woolworths
  3. Fat-free fruited – Woolworths
  4. Fat-Free Vanilla flavoured – Woolworths
  5. Low fat smooth strawberry yoghurt – Woolworths
  6. Low-fat yoghurt with Salted caramel and honeycomb- Woolworths
  7. Full Cream Plain – Woolworths
  8. Full Cream Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt with Choc Chips – Fair Cape Dairies ( QUALITE Award )
  9. Full Cream Flavoured Blueberry – Fair Cape Dairies
  10. Double cream fruited Berry trifle yoghurt- Woolworths
  11. Low-fat Peach and apricot lunchbox – Fair Cape Dairies
  12. Blueberry cheesecake – Woolworths


2nd Prizes

  1. Pouring Cream – Fair Cape Dairies
  2. Low-fat Mixed Fruit- Crystal Valley
  3. Low-fat Mixed fruit – Fair Cape Dairies
  4. Low fat smooth Granadilla flavoured yoghurt – Fair Cape Dairies
  5. Full cream Belgium chocolate – Woolworths
  6. Chocolate dessert – Fair Cape Dairies


3RD Prizes

  1. Low-fat Muesli – Fair Cape Dairies
  2. Full cream Plain – Fair Cape Dairies
  3. Full cream Peaches and cream – Fair Cape Dairies
  4. Double cream plain – Fair Cape Dairies
  5. Full cream Maas- Fair Cape Dairies
  6. Chocolate mousse  – Woolworths
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