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The talent we have in our or anisation is amazin and it’s always reat ettin to know a bit more about our employees. When readin the “Have a positive attitude” principal, a QC Monitor at Fair Cape Dairies we recently met, stands out … His name is Sanele Madubela, he writes poetry and is a motivational speaker in his spare time! Thank you Sanele for sharin this with us, read his positive and inspirational poem below:





Please put the pen away and play the piano

I’m about to announce reality

Round and round I been runnin until I realised I was runnin round and round

This place used to be captivatin …

It used to             enerate hope – and peace of mind

But then you came; Hey! You, come and clean your closet … DO THE RIGHT THING; As it is the ri ht thin to do

Help them that cannot help themselves Generate the world a sophisticated place to be Go an extra mile – risk it all to care

Listen With an open heart – stand for them That cannot stand for themselves

Defend them that are abused of bein       di erent


Pick up that one person who has fallen; Perhaps that could be you one day

Shelter your ima e and di nity with pride; Even the ima e and di nity of other employees Live each day restin on praise; When it is time there shall be no re rets but rewards

Fair Cape: a place of warriors; A place that motivates cowards to be kin s With over twenty years in the dairy industry


Protectin our environment by minimizin    waste

Our products are made with love and uaranteed delicious Taste Do the ri ht thin not because you are forced but because … Just because it is the ri ht thin to do

Yes, it is the ri ht thin to do, for me, for the next enerations And more especially for you; It may not be done in one day

It may not be achieved ri ht away; But DO THE RIGHT THING I still say … now my question is …

What is the ri ht thin  for you to do?

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