Animal welfare is a top priority and one of the foundations on which we base our business ethics. The humane treatment of our cows means more to us than business practice - we believe this is the Right Thing To Do from a moral and ethical stance. We understand that a happy cow is a productive cow.


The temperature inside the sheds is approximately 10 degrees cooler than outside. Our cows are free to lie in the outdoor section however, when it is hot, they prefer being under the roof.

Measuring & tracking the health of our animals

Our cows are gently milked on the milking table. Each cow is fitted with a tag and when the cow stands on the milking table, she is linked to the computer which then identifies exactly which of the over 1,700 cows milked three times a day she is.

We put great effort
into Reducing our
carbon footprint

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We influence
positive change
in our communities

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