The Million Smile’s Campaign has new collection bins, made from recycled Fair Cape Dairies Milk & Juice Bottles. Isolabantu wrote this wonderful article about the recycled bottle bin initiative.


One of the most successful campaigns of the Fair Cape Cares Foundation has been the drive to collect & recycle bottle caps to raise money for Operation Smile.

In 2016, over 20 children were able to have the life-changing operations, thanks to the general public who got behind the campaign and brought their bottle caps to a number of schools, libraries and shopping centres across the Western Cape.

One of the big challenges, however was the bins in which the bottle caps could be collected “we’re talking about a lot of bottle caps,” said Joel Serman, Fair Cape Dairies’ Marketing Manager. “At Eversdal Primary alone, close to 400 000 bottle tops were collected and the teacher responsible for the collection sometimes had trouble getting to her desk!”

The solution was found when Michael Caji, an entrepreneur who lives in Site 5, Du Noon, approached Fair Cape with a solution.

“I saw a picture of bins made from bottles, and I thought it would be good for Fair Cape,” he said. “So I made two samples and showed them to the Marketing Department. I was very happy when they ordered 20 bins from me, and I hope to get another order for more bins soon.

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