Pinocchio Creche plays the violin

Fair Cape Cares will donate products to Pinocchio Creche and share our journey. We were privileged to experience 4 year olds' learning to play violin.

Teacher assisting children with violin

Fair Cape Cares will be delivering products to the Pinocchio Creche on the last Friday of each month. We have taken on this project to help the crèche to continue teaching and uplifting the minds of the children in the Sea Point area. Their goal is to provide healthy and nutritious breakfasts and lunches for the children that attend the crèche daily. Currently Fair Cape Cares will be donating Long Life Milk, Lunchbox Yoghurts and juice to the assist with their daily meals for the month.

Helen, the principle of the crèche has graciously welcomed me to learn more about the children and the vision of the crèche. At Pinocchio Crèche the little ones are encouraged to develop and expand their appreciation and understanding of themselves, others and the world around them, it is believed that children learn best by interacting with their environment.


I was amazed to see 4 year olds’ playing the Violin and singing a song (The greatest love of all) from their memory without fault. Helen said, children might not be able to read music yet, but they are like sponges at this age and are able to learn about music and play by ear, I was witness to this and it was such an incredible experience to see how these tiny hands and minds could play a musical interest that most adults have never had the opportunity of experiencing. The musical programme holds a number of benefits, including; teaching discipline, calming the mind and instilling a sense of achievement.


The crèche caters to a diverse group of children that come from all walks of life, Capetonians, children from other provinces in South Africa, as well as foreigners within Africa. There are children from the Sea Point area, while others that live further out and are only able commute to their permanent residence over the weekend.  Despite coming from all around the province, they all share the same basic need; a safe, nutritional and educational environment in which they can learn skills to equip them for the journey ahead.


We look forward to working alongside Helen to help continue the services that Pinocchio crèche is offering to the children and the community.


Next time we will be sharing the delicious organic garden, grown and nurtured by the Creche and their children.
ViolinTeacher assisting children with violin

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